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Tourist Attractions in Little Andaman

Representing the south end of the Andaman group of Islands with a rich flora and fauna, Little Andaman  has gradually turned into a tourist hub. Although it developed slowly, but in today’s world, the island offers an amazing blend of white sandy beaches, captivating waterfalls, marshy creeks and exciting jungle safaris.

Beaches like that of Little Andaman are hard to find in the other parts of the world. Prominent beaches befitting into such a description are Netaji Nagar beach and Butler beach. While the former is a white sandy beach apt for sun basking, the latter gains its attention because of surfing and coral watching. The green symphony around these lovely beaches can be best viewed on a boat ride right across the creek. This ensures peaceful bird watching amidst lush green surroundings of the Little Andaman.

One can also admire the beauty of the two stunning waterfalls-Whisper Wave and White Surf, located in proximity to each other. While picnicking at these two spots, do not forget to visit the other notable attractions. This includes Red Oil Plantations, R.K Pur Earthan Dam and Vishnu Nallah Dam.      


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