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Tourist Attractions in Lothal

The oldest dock in the world, Lothal, is one of the ancient sites of Harappan culture. It is one of the most important places of Tourist Attraction in Lothal because of the fact that not only does the archeologists, historians and geologists but leisure trippers find this an interesting place as well. The meaning of Lothal is Mound of the Dead.

Tourist Attractions at Lothal includes places like the following:

Dockyard in Lothal is the oldest in the world, and is admired for its extended nature, scientific positioning and constructional skill. It is a wonder that people during the times of Harappan Civilization knew so much about technology. 

Cemeteries that have been discovered ages back to the period of Dravidians, proto Dravidians, Proto Australoids and Mediterranean etc.

Potteries that previously belonged to the Harappan people have been kept inside the museums and so, is a point of great Tourist Attraction in Lothal.

Sheltered Harbor that grew rice, cotton and wheat are of primary importance to geologists and historians. Red Wares are often on display and they tell us about the intricate pottery that Harappan people were skilled at creating. Indigenous ceramic goods are also on display.

The Harappan town was basically separated into blocks of 1-2-metre-high (3-6 ft) over platforms made up of sun-dried bricks, each portion 20-30 houses of thick mud and brick walls.

The city was categorized into a fortress, or acropolis and a lower town. There were paved baths, surface and underground drains and potable water well. Even the concept of shop was known at that time.

The housing locale was on either side of the marketplace and had been technically designed. All these structures are visible from a visit to Lothal and constitute the Tourist Attractions in Lothal.

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