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Tourist Attractions in Lucknow

Lucknow, referred to as the city of Nawabs and Kebabs, is also described as the golden city of the east. It has very beautifully retained its royal grandeur and abounds in numerous gharanas or schools of Indian classical music. The most interesting part about Lucknow is that it has maintained a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. This culturally rich city is a great patron of arts. It is believed that Lucknow is the city that has put soul in poems and poetries and takes pride in its refined embroidered cotton or chikan work. The city which is so rich in every respect does not disappoint its tourists who come from far and wide areas to bask in its pristine grandeur. To keep their interest unwavering, Lucknow presents them with an array of attractive sites. There are numerous tourist attractions in Lucknow.

On Lucknow Tour you will truly be mesmerized by seeing the diverse types of places of tourist interest in Lucknow. To cater to your aesthetic soul, Lucknow has brilliant sites of architectural magnificence. Most of the sites enjoy impressive symmetrical measures and intricate designs. These sites are the real feast for eyes and for the connoisseur of arts a complete and impeccable example of creativity. To relish the sites of architectural splendor monuments are the prefect places to head for. Some of the very noted monuments in Lucknow are Bara Imambara and Hussainabad Imambara among others. These sites exemplify the authentic structural patterns of Avadh.

There are many museums in Lucknow. Museums are regarded as one of the most visited tourist attractions in Lucknow. These are the best sites if you want to travel back in time and explore the royal antiquities. Most of the museums hold a rich collection of sculpture, bronzes, paintings, natural history and anthropological specimens, coins, textiles and decorative arts. These are just very few names mentioned here. On a visit to Museums in Lucknow you will come across many more magnificent object of rare origin. These will leave you absolutely mesmerized. Of all the museums, the State Museum warrants special mention.

Lucknow is the city of religious and spiritual people. You can satisfy your spiritual self very well on Lucknow Tour. There are many holy spots in the city of which Jami Masjid is counted among the very popular Lucknow tourist attractions. This masjid or mosque draws huge number of devotees. And during special occasions the beauty of this mosque reaches peak. You must come here. It is a must visit site.

After fulfilling religious and aesthetic needs, you can also seek some pleasure time in the beautifully laid out gardens in Lucknow. Gardens are regarded as the very noted tourist attractions in Lucknow. The gardens are the ideal base to engage oneself in recreational opportunities and relish leisurely and very delightful stroll.

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