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Banarasi Bagh

Lucknow has always been known to us as the quaint “city of Nawabs” that has inspired many great philosophers, poets and thinkers to write on the unmatched sense of beauty and hospitality the city is endowed with. Lucknow is also famous as the “Golden City of the East”. Lucknow has also been the center of education, culture and fine arts that has inspired a lot of people to make more research on this lovely city. There is no dearth of the tourist attractions in Lucknow and these attractions can be seen in many forms like the monuments, museums and gardens as well. Banarasi Bagh, Lucknow is one such tourist attraction that calls for a sure visit. This bagh stands testimony to the glorious past of Lucknow and is the repository of many fine attractions that make for a good time for the tourists.

History of Banarasi Bagh, Lucknow

The fine history of Lucknow’s Banarasi Bagh dates back to as back as the 1921 when here The Prince of Wales Zoo was established.

Description of Banarasi Bagh, Lucknow

The bagh has the Zoological Park and the State Museum that house a lot of interesting artifacts and documents about the glorious past of Lucknow. In the zoological garden there is a vast collection of snakes in the serpentarium. The state museum located in the Lucknow’s Banarasi Bagh has the honor of being the oldest one in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is one of the most spectacular ones in the country. The travelers will surely have a memorable experience since there are many interesting sections in the museum that include numismatic, handicrafts, natural history and ethnographic elements. Apart from this bagh there are also a lot of other interesting tourist attractions that are located in the vicinity and is worth paying a visit and include Dilkusha Palace, Jami Masjid, Shah Najaf Imambara, Rumi Darwaza, Clock Tower to mention a few of them.


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