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Kaiserbagh Palace

Lucknow has already made its mark as the most-visited tourist destinations in Uttar Pradesh. In fact it has given a huge boost to Uttar Pradesh tourism. Lucknow, the cultural capital of Uttar Pradesh is renowned for a number of tourist attractions among which the monuments in Lucknow feature in a big way. Kaiserbagh Palace in Lucknow is one of the most popular memorials in Lucknow that is a tourist favorite.

History of Kaiserbagh Palace, Lucknow

The construction of Lucknow’s Kaiserbagh Palace is credited to Wajid Ali Shah, the successor of Muhammad Ali. Wazid Ali, known to be a connoisseur of art and architecture was known more for his pleasure pursuits than for his administrative capabilities. The Kaiserbagh Palace in Lucknow was built between 1848 and 1850. The Nawab expected the palace to be regarded as the eighth wonder of the world.

Description of Kaiserbagh Palace, Lucknow

The Kaiserbagh Palace in Lucknow was envisaged by Wajid Ali Shah. He wanted to create a paradise garden, the concept that was imported to India by the Mughal Emperor, Babur. The Kaiserbagh Palace, Lucknow is remarkable for its architectural brilliance. Some portions of the palace have suffered damages following the attack of the British in the year 1858. The palace incorporates ionic columns, banisters, Moorish minarets, Hindu umbrellas, lanterns and pediments. At the center of the palace is the white stone structure named Baradari. Initially this structure was entirely covered with silver. The appeal of the palace is enhanced manifold by the usage of gilt crowns, Mughal style pavilions and European style statues. There are the three yellow buildings flanking the quadrangle. These buildings housed the royal ladies.

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