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Museums in Lucknow

Lucknow is not only the capital city of Uttar Pradesh but it is also the repository of the past history, culture and heritage of Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh has seen a lot of changes that developed during the rule of the Mughals and after that during the domination of the British Empire. There are many artifacts and vestiges that remind us of the past glory of the Mughals and also the intensity of their dominion over their subjects. Museums in Lucknow has in store the facts and a lot of evidences that remind us about the history of Uttar Pradesh.

There are two important museums in Lucknow that are known for their unique storage of facts and information. The Lucknow museums are quite popular for the various lavish belongings of the queens that they used to wear such as the jewelleries. The State museum in Lucknow initially was only the storehouse for the objects associated with the customs, habits and Indian mythology.

With more and more additions to it, it started expanding and included the antique pieces from Piparahawa, Kapilavastu, where Buddha once grew up. And in the today’s date it has become one of the most important museums in Lucknow that includes the sculpture, bronzes, paintings, natural history and anthropological specimens, coins, textiles and decorative arts. Lucknow museums have gained a lot of acceptance as they house the instances of the bygone era. There are a lot of objects that are displayed at the museum and some of them are very rare and have a lot of value. Some of them include an adorned wine jar that bears the name of Aurangzeb Alamgir belonging to the 17th century, an emerald chamakali with the name Jahangir of the date 1036 AD. Yet, what delight visitors most are the Egyptian mummy and wooden tomb (1000 BC).

Another important stopover for the tourists among the museums and galleries in Lucknow is the 1857 Memorial Museum, Residency, Lucknow. The museum is designed in a way to exhibit the visual accounts of the freedom struggle of 1857 that consists of a model of the Residency, old photographs, lithographs, paintings, documents, period objects like guns, swords, shields, musketing cannons, rank badges, medals and ,many more other such items. All these things are simply amazing to watch and take us back into an era when all such incidents too place.

Museums in Lucknow is the best option to know about the history and culture of any place and the Lucknow museums reverberate with its old historic charm that has witnessed a lot of changes and transformations, from Mughal to the British period.

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