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Museums in Madurai

Madurai is one of the ancient cities in India that holds various significances in the history of India. Madurai bears all the traces of history that can be witnessed in the old buildings and temples. The museum in Madurai holds various antiques, old paintings, sculptures, statues and ancient articles make the museum a must visit place for the tourists.

Various historical places like Meenakshi temple, Rani Mangamaal are the major tourist attractions. The age old history can be seen in the ancient monuments of the Madurai. The history of the place dates back from the days of Megasthanes’ visit to Madurai in 302 AD. After that the days of Chola dynasty, Pallava rulers made a deep impact on the place.

In the year 1371, the Vijayanagar dynasty captured Madurai and made it as one of the important business centers.

The traditional periods of Nayaks and Pallavas adds a different tinge to the place as the cultural heritage and the enriched background make the city more attractive towards the visitors.

The old statues and sculptures of the Pallava age, the lifestyle of the then age can be seen in the displayed items of the museum. The museum in Madurai is the best place to experience the history in the contemporary times.

Madurai is a historical place where ancient traditions meet to form a new one.