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Saint Mary's Cathedral Madurai

One of the most popular and pristine places in Madurai is the ancient Saint Mary’s Cathedral. Built around 150 years back, the Cathedral church is a wonderful blend of European, Roman and Continental styles of construction. Saint Mary Cathedral in Madurai was founded in 1840 and was resurrected in 1916. And, in the year 1938, the throne of the Bishop was installed here.

The church is mainly dedicated to Viagulamatha, earlier known as Viagulamatha Koil. With marvelous architecture, the church boasts of two tall elegant bell towers put up in Roman style, at an altitude up to 42m. The blessed place is flocked by devotees and tourists from all parts of the globe offering sincere prayers. The church is located on the East Veli Street. In 1969, St. Mary’s Church was given the status of a Cathedral.