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Ganesha Ratha in Mahabalipuram

The Ganesha Ratha is one of the ancient architectures in Mahabalipuram. The most attractive features of the Ratha are the architecture and the stone work. The shore temples, the Ratha temples and the other temples of the place make the town to be the temple town of India. The ‘Ganesha Ratha’ of Mahabalipuram is one of the chief attractions of Mahabalipuram.

The monolithic stone structure in the shape of chariots makes the Ratha Temples. The stone architectures of Gupta Empire are well-evident. The richness of the stone sculpture attracts the tourist to explore the richness of the by gone days.

Ganesh Ratha was located near the Pancha Ratha of Mahabalipuram. The mythological tale says that the Ratha was dedicated to Lord Shiva but later the Chariot temple was given to lord Shiva’s son Ganesha. Ganesha signifies wealth and prosperity. The Ganesha Ratha temple, Mahabalipuram symbolizes the trade and commerce of Gupta Empire.

The chariot and the god signify the growth of trade and commerce of Ganesha Ratha. Apart from the Ganesha Ratha, there are temples of Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu.Tourists will have a wonderful time in this exotic place of architecture and sculpture.