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Vedagiriswarar Temple in Mahabalipuram

As you proceed after witnessing the artistic excellence and sculptural brilliance of the rock cut temples of Mahabalipuram towards Kancheepuram, you will come across the Vedagiriswarar Temple. The Vedagiriswarar Temple, Mahabalipuram does not even come close to the shore temples of Mahabalipuram as far as architectural dexterity is concerned. In fact the numerous temples that you will visit after reaching Kancheepuram also supersede the Vedagrishvara Temple as far as architectural skills are concerned.

However in spite of all this a visit to the Mahabalipuram, Vedagiriswarar Temple is highly recommended because of a miraculous happening which takes place here everyday. Each day two eagles come to the Vedagiriswarar Temple and that too at a fixed time. It is this providential happening which has earned a special place for the temple among the temples of South India.

You may be lucky enough to see these eagles if you can make it to the temple at the stipulated time. There is yet another reason which makes a visit to the temple worth while.

The Vedagrishvara Temple in Mahabalipuram is located on top of a hillock. If you visit this temple you will get a very good view of the Bhaktavatslesvara temple from here as well. The Bhaktavatslesvara temple is one of the finest examples of Dravidian Temple Architecture and it is a beautiful sight to witness it from the top. Make sure you do not miss out on the Vedagrishvara Temple in your next tour to Mahabalipuram or Kancheepuram.