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Ajanta & Ellora in Aurangabad

The Ajanta and Ellora caves in Maharashtra, India, are close to Aurangabad and are regarded as two of the best examples of prehistoric rock-cut caves. The Ajanta and Ellora caves complex, which also has Buddhist monasteries, Hindu, and Jain temples, is decorated with exquisite sculptures, paintings, and murals.

The Ellora Caves are more dispersed and number 34, dating to the time between the sixth and eleventh centuries AD. In contrast to the 29 Ajanta Caves, which were constructed between the second century BC and the sixth century AD.

Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad

Lying in the core of the Sahyadri hills, on the mountainside above the Waghora River, is the overwhelming Ajanta group of caves, fascinating tourists from all over. The caves at Ajanta tell the story of Buddhism, spanning the period from 200 BC to 650 AD.

First, the 29 caves were built as the private abodes of the Buddhist monks, who taught and performed rituals. Then, using simple tools like hammers and chisels, the monks carved out the imposing figures gracing the walls of these structures.

Ellora Caves in Aurangabad

The Ellora caves are 34 in number, carved into the sides of a basaltic hill, 30 km from Aurangabad. These impressive caves reflect the finest specimens of cave - temple architecture. The caves flaunt intricate facades and elegantly adorned interiors. These structures represent the three faiths of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

They were carved from 350 AD to 700 AD. Ellora's cave temples are remarkable in size and detail; the most spectacular is the Kailasa Temple, the world's largest monolithic structure.

How to Reach Ajanta & Ellora in Aurangabad

By Air :- Aurangabad (99 kilometers from Ajanta and 30 km from Ellora) is directly connected to Delhi, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Mumbai.

By Rail:- Aurangabad is directly connected to Mumbai and Pune. Ajanta is 59 kilometers from Jalgaon.

By Road :- The excellent road network in Maharashtra links the caves of Ajanta and Ellora with Mumbai, Pune, Dhule, Ahmedabad, Bijapur, and Aurangabad. Ajanta & Ellora holidays will enchant you with their magical charms.

Ajanta and Ellora are sheltered monument sites under the Archaeological Survey of India and has been incorporated in the World Heritage list of monuments. The Ajanta and Ellora cave shrines, cut out of rock, is by far the most exceptional historical place in Maharashtra.

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