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Hill Stations in Maharashtra

Right from the shoreline of the Arabian Sea to the steppes of the Sahyadri Hills, Maharashtra encompasses some of the fascinating stretches and hills of the Western Ghats. These scenic hill stations in Maharashtra offer a much-deserved refuge from the otherwise sweltering and humid weather conditions of the rest of the state.

Just as with most of the hill stations in India, most of them were found by British rulers to escape the scorching summers of the Indian plains.

These hill stations offer refuge from the heat and humidity and serve as the ideal retreat for family holidays in Maharashtra and West India. Owing to the salubrious weather, scenic locales, and plenty of romance in the air, hill stations in Maharashtra also serve as some of the most popular places for newlyweds to plan their honeymoon trip in West India.

Best Hill Stations in Maharashtra


Matheran is Mumbaikars’ favorite hill station due to its eco-friendly nature. It is 85 km from Mumbai. Here, motorized vehicles are not allowed. From scenic viewpoints to long treks, this hill town is famous for its toy train ride. The train journey takes you through lush green vistas. The best thing about Matheran is you are allowed to explore it either on horseback or on foot. Matheran provides outdoor adventure opportunities. You must try paragliding and rock climbing while you are there. If your beloved one is with you, make sure you witness the glorious sunrise or sunset.

Best time to visit Matheran: March-June and October-February.

Places To Visit: Echo Point, Louisa Point, Panorama Point


Lonavala Hill Station, one of the most well-known hill stations near Mumbai and Pune, is a trekker's heaven. It has become a favorite vacation spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers because of its abundance of waterfalls, caves, and trekking and hiking locations. And because it is a part of the Sahyadri highlands, it provides some breathtaking views. When visiting this stunning location, you should have a picnic at one of the various locations nearby Lonavala.

Best time to visit Lonavala: July-September and October-February

Places To Visit: Bhushi Dam, Pawna Dam, Tungarli Lake


Igatpuri, the largest Vipassana meditation academy, is well-known for being a weekend retreat from Mumbai and Pune. It also offers tremendous natural beauty and seclusion to your mind and spirit. Igatpuri is one of the best hill towns in Maharashtra because of the comfortable climate, scenic valleys, glittering waterfalls, and historic forts.

Best time to visit Igatpuri: June-November and December-February

Places To Visit: Dhamma Giri Vipassana, Igatpuri water sports & camping, Myanmar Gate, Vihigaon Falls


One of Maharashtra's top hill resorts in Mahabaleshwar. Visitors from Pune, Mumbai, and other adjacent cities are drawn by the alluring scents of strawberries and misty mornings. For those who desire to enjoy the romantic monsoon and winter of Mahabaleshwar, it is one of the most beautiful hill stations close to Pune. This hill station in Maharashtra is a photographer's dream.

Best time to visit Mahabaleshwar: March-June, and November-February

Places To Visit: Venna Lake, Mini Kashmir, Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple


Khandala is close to Lonavala and is renowned for its verdant forests, misty mountains, dazzling waterfalls, and breathtaking views. One of the prettiest hill towns close to Kolhapur is Khandala. It is the ideal place for lovers and adventurers alike because of its spectacular hill forts and caverns, beautiful viewpoints, and trekking trails.

Best time to visit Khandala: April-June, and October-March

Places To Visit: Kune Falls, Della Adventure Park, Bhor Ghat, Rajmachi Point, Rajmachi Garden


Locally, Panchgani is known as the "land of five hills." One of Maharashtra's best hill towns, Panchgani, is about 100 kilometers from Pune. Visitors are drawn to its unspoiled beauty, lush forests, and excellent Sahyadri views. Amid deep woods, the rushing Bhilar and Lingmala waterfalls are worth seeing. This location is also well-known for being a Maharashtra hill station.

Best time to visit Panchgani: March-May, and November-February

Places To Visit: Table Land Viewpoint, Dhom Dam, Kamalgad Fort


It is the ideal location for a quiet weekend break from Mumbai because it is only 117 kilometers from the city, making it accessible by road. You're missing out on something if you haven't been to this location yet. It has lush green forests and plenty of gorgeous waterfalls and is protected by breathtaking mountains. Additionally, one of Maharashtra's most picturesque hill towns offers a variety of attractions for couples.

Best time to visit Bhandardara: July-September, and October-March

Places To Visit: Arthur Hill Lake, Umbrella Fall, Amruteshwar Temple, Kalsubai Peak


Chikhaldhara is one of the top hill stations in Maharashtra for wildlife lovers. This place boasts excellent wildlife since it has Gugamal National Park. You would be spoiled for flora and fauna. The hill station houses Indian tigers and has different species of plants. Apart from wildlife, you can put yourself in a trance as the whole place is engulfed by the rich smell of coffee. There is a glorious lake - Semadoh, which begs tourists to spend some relaxing time. From historic forts to pristine waterfalls, one will not fall short of things to do. Also, options for trekking in Chikhaldara are in abundance.

Best time to visit Chikhaldara: March-June, and December-January

Places To Visit: Bhimkund, Narnala Fort, Mukta gir, Bir Lake


Do you love going on natural trails? Imagine yourself indulging in water sports like kayaking. This is what you will get when you plan your visit to Lavasa. It is a new hill station in Maharashtra which is now gaining popularity for pre-wedding photoshoots. Here, tourists come for photography season because the lush greenery adds beauty to the backdrops. There are modern entertainment options for all types of tourists. Adventure freaks' treks can conquer the short and long trails. Lavasa has one of the best resorts where staying means enjoying the breathtaking valley views from the room window.

Best time to visit Lavasa: April to June and October-March

Places To Visit: The Promenade, Lakeshore Watersport, Tikona Fort

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is one of the best hill stations in Maharashtra and is idyllic for those who love the outdoors and the natural world. Malshej Ghat 85 kilometers from Kalyan, has captured the hearts of tourists of all stripes with its architectural and ecological beauty. It has everything one could want, from multiple waterfalls and magnificent dams to hill forts and some of Maharashtra's most well-known ancient temples.

Best time to visit Malshej Ghat: July-September

Places To Visit: Malshej Falls, Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, Harish Chandra gad, Ajoba Hill Fort


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FAQs about Top Hill Stations in Maharashtra

Q: Which are the most popular hill stations in Maharashtra?

Ans: The most popular hill stations in Maharashtra are Lonavala, Khandala Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, and Malshej Ghat.

Q: Which hill stations near Mumbai are best to plan a weekend trip with friends?

Ans: Matheran, Lonavala-Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, Malshej Ghat are some of the best places to plan a weekend trip with friends. These popular hill stations offer some of the great trekking trails, where you can enjoy trekking with your friends. Apart from trekking, you can simply enjoy a road trip with over a shared love of adventure.

Q: Which hill stations are the best for a honeymoon in Maharashtra?

Ans: Lonavala, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, and Panchgani are some of the best hill stations to enjoy the best honeymoon in Maharashtra. The breathtaking landscapes, peaceful surroundings, and cool breezes create the perfect celebratory mood and allow the honeymoons to spend quality time in the lap of nature.

Q: What are the best honeymoon places near Mumbai?

Ans: Though Mumbai itself is known as the dream city, you will find many other beautiful places to visit near Mumbai. World heritage sites, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, and charming beaches; there are every element that makes for many lovely honeymoon places near Mumbai. The best honeymoon destinations near Mumbai are: 

  • Matheran
  • Khandala
  • Lonavala
  • Pune
  • Nashik
  • Mahabaleshwar
  • Goa
Q: Which hill stations in Maharashtra are the best to visit in monsoon?

Ans: Malshej Ghat, Matheran, Bhandardara, Panchgani, and Lonavala are some of the ideal hill stations that can be visited during monsoon. The beauty of these hill stations just double during this sesaons and attracts many adventure enthusiasts to enjoy actives like trekking, and camping.

Q: Which hill stations in Maharashtra are the best to visit with family?

Ans: Lonavala-Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, Saputara, Panchgani, and Matheran are some of the best hill stations in Maharashtra to visit with family. At these popular hill stations in Maharashtra, families can enjoy several recreational activities such as horse riding, photography, and picnic.

Q: Which hill stations are best for trekking in Maharashtra?

Ans: Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala-Khandala, Matheran, and Malshej Ghat are some of the best hill stations that are ideal for trekking in Maharashtra. Matheran is one of the places renowned for monsoon trekking.