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Chikhaldara Hill Station in Maharashtra

Settled in all its natural charm, Chikhaldara is a famous hill station in Maharashtra. But not just a place with serene natural surroundings, the hill station is known to have a significant mythological connection as well. The hill station is believed to have been named after a demon, Keechaka, who was killed by Bheema, one of the Pandavas in the epic Mahabharata. Other than this, the present phase of the hill station has different shades to display in every fold.

The hill station is located at an altitude of around 1118 m and is prone to receiving a good amount of rainfall. Owing to such a topography and climate, the place has turned into a storehouse of pristine waterfalls, lakes, and a majestic canopy of greenery that is breathtaking in every sense of the word. And being a coffee-growing region in Maharashtra, lush green estates add to the perks of spending a holiday here.

Chikhaldara history

In 1823, Captain Robinson of the Hyderabad Regiment discovered Chikhaldara. The rich green color of the area attracted the Englishmen in particular.

It resembles autumn in England, especially in September and October when the leaves start to fall. It bears the name "Keechaka." This is where Bheema was slain.

Keechaka, the evil, flung him into the valley. As a result, it became known as "Keechakadara"; its more well-known name is "Chikhaldara."

Best time to visit Chikhaldara Hill Station

The tourist place of Chikhaldara is situated around 1100 meters above sea level. The best months to visit Chikhaldara are from October to February, i.e., in winter. The atmosphere here is fantastic in this period, and tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature in the winter season.

Places to Visit in Chikhaldara

  • Gugamal National Park
  • Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens
  • Melghat Tiger Service
  • Devi Point

Special food specialty and hotel

Some famous sweet dishes of the region are Sira, Puri, Basundi, and Srikhand, which are primarily prepared with the heavy influence of milk. Puran Poli is a famous sweet dish of wheat bread stuffed with gram dal and jaggery. There are various restaurants here that serve a variety of cuisines.

Accommodation facilities nearby: hotel, hospital, post office, police station

  • Various hotels and resorts are available in Chikhaldara.
  • Hospitals are available within a short distance. 
  • The nearest post office is 26.3 km away at Semadoh.
  • The nearest police station is 2 minutes' distance.

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Q: What is special about Chikhaldara?

Ans. Chikhaldara, a hill station and a municipal council in the Amravati district in Maharashtra, is featured in the epic of the Mahabharata. It is where Bheema killed the evil Keechaka in a bout and then threw him into the valley.

Q: How many tigers are there in Chikhaldara?

Ans. Chikhaldara is a hill station surrounded by tiger reserves. So, if you are a wildlife enthusiast, you will find around 70 tigers and the same number of leopards. Apart from them, there are approx. 200 sloth bears, 1800 Indian gaurs, and hundreds of herbivore animals like sambar, barking deer, and four-horned antelopes.

Q: What is the height of Chikhaldara?

Ans. Chikhaldara is located at an altitude of 1098 meters above sea level in the Satpura Range.

Q: How many villages does Chikhaldara have?

Ans. There are approx. 185 villages in Chikhaldara

Q: What is the distance from Nagpur to Chikhaldara hill station?

Ans. Chikhaldara hill station distance from Nagpur is around 231 km, which takes around 5 hours to cover.

Q: Which are the famous Chikhaldara hill station resorts?

Ans. Here are the top resorts in Chikhaldara hill station -

  • Strawberry Hills Chikhaldara Resort
  • Aadya Hill View Resort
  • MTDC Mozari Point Resort
  • Melghat Resort
  • BambooHouse Resort