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Igatpuri Hill Station in Maharashtra

Igatpuri, a brand-new hill station located in Maharashtra and attractively tucked away among the Western Ghats, is only two hours away from Mumbai. It is a paradise for nature lovers, with breathtaking tourist attractions, magnificent vineyards, clear lakes, attractive landscapes, ancient shrines, hiking paths, and pleasant weather. The ideal place to decompress close to Mumbai is Bandra, because it has so much more to offer. When the surrounding forests get dense during the monsoons, waterfalls begin reverberating, and the verdant hills become profuse, the splendor of this small village in Nasik multiplies twofold. First, spending some time alone in nature, away from the bustle of city life, will not only soothe your body but also refresh your mind and soul.

Best time to visit in Igatpuri hill station

The best season to visit Igatpuri hill station is in winter. The temperature is cool in November, December, January, February, and March. As mountains surround it, the monsoon is the best time to visit Igatpuri for trekkers.

How to reach Igatpuri hill station

Igatpuri, a charming tiny hill town on the Western Ghats, can be found in Maharashtra's Nashik district. It is a picture-perfect travel destination that draws visitors from around Maharashtra and many other regions of the nation. The small town's primary source of revenue is tourism, and numerous tourist attractions may keep visitors amused for the duration of their visit.

Places to Visit in Igatpuri

  • Umbrella Falls
  • Camel Valley
  • Tringalwadi Fort
  • Vipassana Kendra
  • Ghantadevi Temple

Why is Igatpuri hill station famous?

The Vipassana International Academy in Igatpuri is well-known for teaching the Vipassana meditation method, an ancient kind of meditation.

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