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Lavasa Hill Station in Maharashtra

Lavasa hill station in Maharashtra is a perfect retreat for those who want glorious isolation. It has been famous as a newly formed hill station since its independence. The exotic hill station is spread over an area of up to 25,000 acres and creates a beautiful mélange of scenic beauty and infrastructure. So, whether one is an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover, or a shutterbug, Lavasa has something for every traveler. So sit back, relax, indulge in water sports, and adore the serenity; the enchanting hill station has everything.

One can say it is one of the dreamlands where you can spend all your vacations and make them worthwhile. Apart from scenic charm, Lavasa boasts several attractions, including Temghar Dam, health and wellness centers, cascading falls, and unique viewpoints. So go for thrilling adventures such as hiking, mountain climbing, and paragliding. On top of that, water sports are the prime attractions of Lavasa, like jet skiing, boating, joyful rides on bumper boats, and luxury cruise boats.

How to reach Lavasa Hill Station

To get to Lavasa by plane, you must fly to Mumbai or Pune Airport. Then, you must arrange for a rental car, bus, or taxi to take you to Lavasa. The road trip to Lavasa from Mumbai or Pune should take 3 to 4 hours. Pune Railway Station, which is located 29 kilometers away from Lavasa, is the closest railroad station. In addition, Pune is accessible by rail to India's main cities and towns. After leaving the train, you must take the road to reach Lavasa, and as the roads are in good shape, your trip should go off without a hitch.

Best time to visit Lavasa Hill Station

Lavasa enjoys good weather all year round, which elevates it to Maharashtra's top travel destination status. Summertime highs reach 36°C, a little warm but not hot enough to ruin your visit. From July through September, it rains quite a bit. It is most pleasant to visit Lavasa in the winter, from October to March, when temperatures range from 10 to 25°C.

Things to do

The tranquil hill town is renowned for its fantastic weather and breathtaking views. However, it also has a lot to offer adventurers in terms of activities. Lavasa offers a variety of activities, including jet skiing, boating, zip line, trekking, camping, zorbing, and more. You can even rent tandem bicycles and ride them throughout the city. Visit the promenade in the evening. It is lined with eateries and bars that provide meals from many cuisines, including Indian street food, Italian and Asian cuisines. Climb the stairs to a high point to obtain a bird's-eye view of the lake and the surrounding hills if you feel like getting some exercise—people who prefer to unwind and do nothing while on vacation can also find solace at Lavasa.

Places of Tourist Interest

  • The Promenade
  • Lakeshore Watersport
  • Tikona Fort
  • Vortex Splash Pad
  • Varasgaon Dam
  • Lake
  • Temghar Dam
  • Ghangad Fort
  • Devkund Waterfall
  • Bamboosa
  • Tamhini Ghat

Visitors can also regenerate their body with therapeutic Ayurvedic treatments, massages, and yoga. You can plan a trip to Lavasa all year round, as the weather here is always pleasant. But to enjoy Lavasa to the fullest, plan your trip from September to March. Also, the hill station is well-facilitated with resorts and hotels. If you are planning to visit Lavasa, then you must check out our Maharashtra tour packages.


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Q: Why is Lavasa hill station famous?

Ans. Lavasa is known for its water activities. They are offered on the banks of Warasgaon Lake.

Q: What is the best time to visit Lavasa?

Ans. October to March is the best time to plan a trip to Lavasa. They are the peak months to enjoy water sports in Lavasa.

Q: How many days is the trip for Lavasa?

Ans. 2 days are enough to explore the best of Lavasa. You can enjoy the green surroundings and visit tourist places.

Q: How to reach Lavasa?

Ans. There is no railway station in Lavasa. The nearest railhead is Lonavala Railway Station, around 105 km away. This station falls on the main railway line between Mumbai and Pune and provides trains from most parts of India.

Q: How to visit Lavasa from Pune?

Ans. Pune to Lavasa distance is around 58 km. Buses and taxis are available between both places. You can also take a train to Pune Railway Station and travel from there by car. Pune train station connects major cities by train, like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, and Kolkata. In addition, daily passenger trains are available from Mumbai to Pune.

Q: Which are the best places to visit in Lavasa?

Ans. Visit these famous tourist attractions in Lavasa on your trip -

  • The Promenade
  • Lakeshore Watersport
  • Tikona Fort
  • Vortex Splash Pad
  • Varasgaon Dam