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Mahabaleshwar Hill Station in Maharashtra

Frequently visited by honeymooners and leisure lovers, Mahabaleshwar hill station in Maharashtra is famed as the Queen of all hill stations and is best known for its impeccable scenery and dense jungles comprising endangered species of fauna and avifauna. Hence, it is favored by all travelers, including nature lovers, history buffs, and adventure enthusiasts. Settled at an elevation of 1372 meters, Mahabaleshwar offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Initially, the place was put up as a health resort, but later, Sir John Malcolm, the first governor of Mahabaleshwar, developed the site as a hill station. As a result, you can plan your trip to Mahabaleshwar all year long.

Top Tourist Attractions in Mahabaleshwar

  • Arthur's Seat
  • Dhobi Waterfall
  • Babington Point
  • Falkland Point
  • Connaught Peak
  • Venna: lake
  • Roman Catholic Church

How to reach Mahabaleshwar

This popular tourist attraction connects several destinations throughout Maharashtra and its surrounding regions by a good road network. Mahabaleshwar is a lovely tourist destination with respectable access to the rest of the country. As a result, you don't need to be concerned about arriving here. There is no airport or train station in Mahabaleshwar, but the Pune airport (131 km away) and Wathar train station offer good service to the region (60 km away). You can easily find taxis and buses from the airport and train station that will take you to this quaint little hill station. Driving is the most efficient way to travel from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar. As a result, one can select whether to drive or take a bus from Mumbai or Pune after making the necessary travel preparations.

Best Time to Visit Mahabaleshwar

The months of October through June are the best ones to book a trip to Mahabaleshwar.

The maximum temperature during the beautiful summers is 350°C, and the highest temperature during the chilly winters is 350°C. In addition, the town has a wonderful appearance during rain.

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