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Naggar Castle

A true reminder of the centuries old Pal Dynasty, the Naggar Castle is an ancient building that was built somewhere 500 hundred years in the past. It is believed that the prominent Naggar castle was built by Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu. Located in a small village known as Naggar, 21 km from Manali town, the Castle is among the popular tourist destinations in the region.

Formerly, Naggar Castle was known to be the residence the Royal family, until it got occupied by British forces.  This resulted in certain modifications in the design and architecture of Naggar castle. Today one would find an additional staircase,  fire place and chimneys inside the Castle, which displays a unique amalgam of English as well as Indian architecture.

As a whole, Naggar Castle is a unique mansion made of wood and stone, which also houses a historic temple and an art museum. Adding to the charm of the castle is the small temple, which is situated in its courtyard, and is popular with the name Jagti Patt. Over the years of the modern era, the structure of Naggar Castle has undergone renovation, but its primary heritage design is still intact. Thus, making it a must visit place in Manali.      

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