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Holy Places in Mandu

Mandu, a tiny city in the fascinating Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, draws numerous tourists from the country and around due to the historical as well as the religious structures that embellish the city and give episodic pictures of the past of the city. A Tour to Mandu surely should include visits to the Holy Places in Mandu which speak of the past rulers, their culture, and most importantly, their inclination towards art and the different forms of art styles.

Dominated by the Muslims for the most of the history for decades together, its buildings and structures breathe the essence of Islamic art and architecture and their religious beliefs in their details. The Jama Masjid is one of the Holy Places in Mandu which attracts a lot of tourists.

It was constructed in resemblance with the famous Omayyed mosque in Damascus in the year 1454. The construction was begun by Hoshang Shah and completed by Mahmud Khilji. The hugeness of the entire structure is sure to amaze you. The high plinth, the large dome in the center and the similar numerous little domes interspacing the background are certainly objects of interest here. The simplicity of the carvings will not escape one’s minute observation.

The Mosque of Dilawar Khan, earliest of its kind, was built in the year 1405. It has a central court which is surrounded by an arcade and depicts Hindu architectural influence in the columns, main entrance and the ceiling. The masonry, however, was salvaged from the Hindu temples and used for the purpose of the Mosque. Apart from the Islamic predominance in Mandu, there are also plenty of Jain temples to be found in this place. These temples are dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras.


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