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Mosque of Dilawar Khan Mandu

Mandu, one of the most visited tourist destinations in India, is a small but interesting city. One of the earliest cities which still retain the ups and downs of the past of the place, Mandu boasts of some of the prime tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh. Having been under the Muslim rule for ages, the monuments, buildings and structures of Mandu bear the Islamic influence in every single detail. The Holy Places in Mandu mostly consist of mosques and dargahs of which, the Mosque of Dilawar Khan, Mandu is one of the most important ones. However, there are some Jain temples too.

The Mosque of Dilawar Khan, Mandu is, however, an unique example of the fusion of Muslim and Hindu style of architecture. It has a courtyard in the middle and the courtyard is in turn, encompassed by a colonnade. The prayer hall depicts amazingly bold influences of Hindu art forms in the ceilings, columns and gates. Built in 1405, it happens to be the earliest of mosques to have been erected here. The stones used in constructing the mosque, however, were salvaged from the desecrated temples.

To the southern end of the Mosque of Dilawar Khan, which faces the east, there is a dilapidated balcony, called the Nahar Jharokha or the Tiger Balcony. The name has been so attributed due to the form of a tiger that once supported it.

So, once you are in the historical city of Mandu, do pay a visit to the Mosque of Dilawar Khan while you go sightseeing.

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