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St. Aloysius Chapel

The St. Aloysius Chapel is India’s very own Sistine Chapel. Located right in the middle of Mangalore in all its glory, it was built in 1885, by Reverend Father Joseph Willy. Located at the top of the Light House Hill on the campus of St. Aloysius College, the chapel is blessed with a picturesque view of the Arabian Sea. The Aloysius Chapel is a world-class tourist destination. The amazing architecture, extraordinary layout and the rich treasure of arts are a treat for the visitors

The Chapel was built in 1878, by the Mangalore Mission. It was dedicated St. Aloysius Gonzaga who was born into privilege but gave up his worldly pleasures to serve the destitute.

The St. Aloysius Chapel is an architectural wonder. The interiors are adorned with beautiful ceiling, fresco and oil paintings. It reminds of the beautiful chapels of Rome.

The paintings are the work and passion of a famous Italian Jesuit painter Antonio Moscheni. Although quite old, these paintings are well-maintained, and restored frequently as they are historical artefacts. The paintings have been created in a way to honor St. Aloysius Gonzaga.

Other paintings are dedicated to the Apostles, Jesus’ life, and various Church and Jesuits saints. There are incredible representations that revolve around the life of Jesus. These include the birth of Jesus on Christmas night, John the Baptist, baptizing baby Jesus, The Feast at Cana showing Jesus changing the water into wine and the crucifixion of Christ.