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Tourist Attractions in Mathura

There is always a distinct charm and delight of spending vacations in Mathura. Mathura's claim to fame is in the fact that it is the birth place of Lord Krishna and is also an important pilgrimage center for the Hindus. Mathura has a long and chequered history. Mathura was once upon a time a great hub of art and culture. Mathura has always been a center of art and culture. It has also witnessed many wars and political tumults over the ages. Mathura, for all these reasons, is an important place of tourist interest and there are a lot of tourist attractions in Mathura.

Not only are the Mathura tourist attractions famous all over India, the city is also well known for the fairs and festivals that are held on the auspicious occasions in and around these tourist attractions. The sublime art and culture of Mathura manifests, how developed Mathura was, once upon a time. The tourist attractions here range from historical monuments, museums and galleries to the holy places in Mathura. Most of the monuments in Mathura are associated to the birth place of Lord Krishna but there are other attractions too.

The tourist attractions in Mathura not only add and enrich the experience of the tours to Mathura but they also add to our knowledge and also acquaint us with a lot of interesting historical and mythological knowledge. Among the museums, the archaeological museum in Mathura is an important place of tourist attraction that houses a lot of interesting facts and sculptures that belong to the ancient Mathura School of Art. Mathura is an important place for the Buddhists and Jains. There are also a lot of other places of tourist interest in Mathura such as The Sati Burj, Kans Qila, Jama Masjid and Dwarkadheesh temple. 

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