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Katra Masjid

Mathura is also popularly called Brij Bhoomi. It is an important pilgrimage place for the Hindus from all parts of India. It is also believed to be the birth place of Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. There are many incidents and episodes that are relate this place with the early life of Krishna. Mathura has a rich cultural and historical past that influenced many people to come from far off places for a visit to this holy place. There are many holy places in Mathura among which the Katra Masjid, Mathura is worth paying a visit. This is an architectural wonder that dates back to the Mughal period. This Masjid occupies a significant place among the holy places in Mathura.

History of Katra Masjid, Mathura

The history of Katra Masjid in Mathura takes us back to the Mughal period when Aurangzeb was the ruling emperor. This Masjid was built under the patronage of Aurangzeb, who was a pious Muslim, and has a magnificent architecture which is simply a delight to watch.

Description of Katra Masjid, Mathura

The Katra Masjid in Mathura is located at a distance of 500 meters to the west of Jami Masjid. It occupies an important place among the various holy places in Mathura. This is a grand piece of architecture that was built by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The structure is built in red sandstone. Once upon a time, there was a fine temple of Kesava Deo that stood in the spot. The Mughal emperor subsequently had the Masjid built in its place. The architecture of Katra Masjid in Mathura is quite unparalleled. This excellent Masjid has intricate designs on it that had been excellently carved out by the best architects of the period.

Katra Masjid can be reached easily by the road and rail. Though there is no airport in Mathura or Vrindavan, one can take the flight to Kheira in Agra then from there visit the various points of tourist attractions. The tourists are advised to abide by the rules when they are going to pay as visit to the Masjid.


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