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Monuments in Mathura

Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna. Hence it is undoubtedly one of the best travel destinations that give you a feel of the religious heritage of India. Sprawling along the banks of River Yamuna, it is one of those rare sites that have found a discrete position in the history and mythological records of India. The land of this pilgrimage terminus of India is resonant with the lilting saga of the Lord Krishna who is supposed to have taken birth here and blessed this piece of land by spending some of the very interesting moments of his life. The mention of this is found in the Hindu epic of Mahabharata. Mathura has tried to retain the fragrance of the deity in every nook and corner by building up monuments. On tours to Mathura by visiting any of the fascinating monuments in Mathura you will also get an opportunity to breathe Lord Krishna’s fragrance in the air.

There are an end number of memorials in Mathura. Each has mythological connection. The best feature of these monuments in Mathura is that they are mostly dedicated to Lord Krishna and the activities he used to take in. By visiting these sites you can literally live those moments and get a clear picture of the birth of the Lord Krishna and his enrapturing activities that mesmerized not only the natives of the place but also the people who came across the story of his ravishing activities.

However what comes as a surprise on a sightseeing trip encompassing the monuments in Mathura is a slight variation. To state laconically, Mathura being the birth place of Lord Krishna, the embodiment of the Lord Vishnu not only features sites dedicated to him but to others also. The best example to corroborate this point is Sati Burj. This monument was built by a son to commemorate the sacrifice of his mother who was a widow of Raja Biharimal of Amer.

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