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Sati Burj

Mathura, one of the most famous pilgrimage destinations in India features a magnificent array of scenic ghats that pave way to the stunning water edges, arched gateways and temple spires dotting the right bank of the River Yamuna. Regarded to be the birth place of Lord Krishna, Mathura takes pride in its highly revered temples and shrines where end number of devotees comes frequently to offer prayers. It is truly one of the very attractive sites in India not only because it’s a birth place of Lord Krishna, the embodiment of Hindu Lord Vishnu but also for maintaining that quaint serenity and tranquility in the ambience. To feel that serenity to the fullest extent you must visit the stunning monuments in Mathura along with temples. Of all, Sati Burj deserves first visit.

The Mathura Sati Burj is a 17 meter tall red sandstone tower. It was erected in 1570 AD. This four storied tower was built to commemorate the demise of the widow of Raja Biharimal of Amer who committed sati.

History of Sati Burj, Mathura

According to historical records, the Sati Burj in Mathura was constructed in 1570 AD. This attractive red sandstone monument was built by the son of Behari Mal of Jaipur to commemorate the demise of his mother who performed the ‘sati’ sacrifice or immolation.

Description of Sati Burj, Mathura

There are many tourist attractions in Mathura. But the one that will awe you is the Mathura Sati Burj. The Sati Burj was created in 1570 AD by the son of Behari Mal of Jaipur to commemorate the sacrifice of his mother. It is a four storied structure built in red sandstone. It scales up to 17 meter in length. You will totally be spellbound by seeing this magnificent structure.


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