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Tourist Attractions in Mayabunder

Situated in the northern half of Andaman and Niocobar islands, Mayabunder is a renowned tourist spot which is famous for its scenic beauty. The popular attractions that one can expect at Mayabunder primarily  include the exotic beaches, which lure the major traffic of the tourists.

The beaches in Mayabunder are covered with mangrove forests, which certainly adds to their appeal.  Prominent beaches which count among the tourist’s list of favorites in Mayabunder includes Karmatang beach, Rampur beach and Avis island beach. The former is also a nesting ground for turtles, so watch your step when you stroll on the beach. On the other hand, Avi island saves the best natural sights for a photographer.

Other places in Mayabunder which are definitely worthy of a visit are Pokhadera beach, Ray Hill, Forest Museum, Barren Island,  Diglipur,  Austin X Island and Anmol Driftwood Museum. Besides these popular tourist attractions, Mayabunder in the Andaman group is also a wonderful place to watch cultural eccentricity of the Burmese and Bangladeshi settlements.  

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