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Monuments in Meerut

Meerut is the city that bears testimony to the great rebellion of 1857. This is one of the most significant towns of Uttar Pradesh that has witnessed the sacrifice of the martyrs who stood upright against the atrocities of the British and led our nation on a common platform. Meerut is also a growing hub of industry though it was initially dependent on the agriculture. The monuments in Meerut reflect the old glory of the rulers who used to rule this city and built a lot of important historical structures that keep enthralling its visitors who come from the various parts of India.

There are a lot of monuments that range from the mythological to the historical ones. The famous and the longest epic Mahabharata have some of its roots here as one will find the Vidura-ka-Tila which is a collection of a few mounds that have the height of about 50 to 60 feet. This makes for an interesting mythological site for the tourists since a lot of tourists come here to visit this lovely monument. The tourists come here to visit and know more about the history and old culture of our nation. Meerut monuments have that aesthetic and artistic touch that sets every curious eye dazzled and amazed. Another attraction that is association with the epic Mahabharata is Draupadi ki Rasoi or Draupadi's kitchen.

This is one of the most interesting monuments in Meerut that holds a lot of importance for the tourists and a lot of visitors come here to pay visit. This particular monument is located on the banks of the river Burhganga. There are a lot of legends that are associated with the Meerut monuments and it is a completely sublime experience to know our fantastic past that has led to the construction of all these Monuments and Memorials in Meerut.

Another monument that beckons a huge crowd of tourists from every part of India is the Shahpir mausoleum which is located at a distance of 67 km from Delhi. This monument is an architectural splendor and calls for a sure visit. The tourists can also make a visit to Suraj Kund which is located in the vicinity of Shahpir.

To experience the full delight of your tours to Meerut, a visit to the Monuments and Memorials in Meerut is suggested and it shall become an ineradicable part in your tour itinerary the next time you travel to Meerut.

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