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Shahpir Meerut

Meerut an age old city reflects its lost glory through its various monuments that have stood the evidences of its turbulent past times. The great rebellion of 1857 took place here and there are many other such incidents that formed the hallmark of this lovely city. Though now Meerut is a well developed city it has witnessed a lot of fine creations during the times of the British as well as during the rule of the Mughals. There are various monuments in Meerut and they hold a lot of importance for not only the local people but also for the people of India who come here to visit these monuments. Among all these monuments the one that is worthy of appreciation and paying a visit is Shahpir mausoleum in Meerut.

History of Shahpir, Meerut

Shahpir, Meerut is a very ancient mausoleum which was built during the times of the Mughal rule and has a lot of significance for the Muslims. The architecture is worth taking note of.

Description of Shahpir, Meerut

One can truly make out the difference between the various other monuments in Meerut and the Shahpir Mausoleum in Meerut. This is a very old mausoleum which was built by the Mughals to commemorate the death of an esteemed pir (seer) which is located at a distance of 67 km from Delhi. This is an excellent architectural work and the Mughal artists have once again proved that they are simply unmatched. This mausoleum was built by Noorjehan in 1620 AD in red stone. There is also another significant holy place which is located adjacent to this wonderful mausoleum known by the name Suraj Kund. This is a revered place for the Hindus and they gather here on the auspicious occasions and offer prayers to the Hindu deities.

Meerut is wonderfully connected by rail and road. The nearest airport to Meerut is Pantnagar which is at a distance of 62 km and the nearest railheads are Ramnagar and Khatima.


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