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Vidura ka Tila

Meerut has always been known as a place for the revolutions, be it the 1857 mutiny or The Quit India Movement. It is the Meerut cantonment where the revolution for the freedom first began. Meerut is now a growing hub of trade and commerce which is gaining acceptance in the field of arts, science and commerce, thus making this city one of the most favored ones by the businessmen as well as academicians. There are numerous monuments in Meerut for which it is well known among the people of Uttar Pradesh. One such monument that truly deserves the attention of the tourists is Vidura ka Tila, Meerut. This is an extremely important tourist attraction which have been well preserved by the tourism authorities for the travelers who come here to visit this historical site from all over India.

History of Vidura ka Tila, Meerut

Meerut is, according to legend, the place where certain important episodes of the great Indian epic Mahabharata took place. Vidura ka Tila in Meerut is a group of mounds which were unearthed due to the excavations carried out here. These mounds are according to popular belief associated with Vidur, an important character in the Mahabharata, the incidents of which took place in the Dwapar Yug.

Description of Vidura ka Tila, Meerut

This monument has been a source of belief among the natives about the rich historical past of India. Vidura, according to the Mahabharata, was the half-brother of Dhritarashtra and Pandu. Here one will come across a collection of mounds, some of which are about 50 to 60 feet high and extends to a few furlongs. There are a lot of other tourist attractions in Meerut that are located in the vicinity of this tourist attraction and include the Draupadi Ghat, on the banks of the Burhganga River, which is a bathing Ghat where people congregate in huge numbers for a festive bathing on special occasions. The tourists can also witness Draupadi-ki-Rasoi which is believed to place where the kitchen of Draupadi was located on the banks of the River Burhganga.


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