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Places to Visit in Meghalaya

Meghalaya tourism is a treasure trove of spectacular attractions and a popular tourist destination in North East India. This hilly state of India is flecked with profuse greenery, caressed by the gentle breeze. Over the years, in addition to becoming a popular tourist attraction in India, the places to visit in Meghalaya have also gained attention.

Several activities in Meghalaya, like mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, hiking, and others, attract many adventure enthusiasts. In addition, a water sports complex near Umiam Lake, Ward's lakes, enables visitors to enjoy rowboats, paddle boats, sailing boating, water scooters, etc. Being a major tourist destination in India, Meghalaya has good accommodation options.

Tribal ethnicity also counts as a significant factor in attracting tourists. Many glinting waterfalls add to the beauty of Meghalaya, like Elephant Falls and Nohkalikai Falls. Some of the hot springs here are believed to have medicinal properties. The state is also known for Sacred Groves, forest areas dedicated to local deities, tree spirits, or other religious symbols. Some other best places to visit in Meghalaya include Shillong, Cherrapunji, Living Root Bridges, Mawlynnong, and Garo Hills.

Here Are The Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya

  • Shillong

Shillong is one of the most visited places in Meghalaya and in India. Its name comes from Lei Shyllong, an idol people worship at the Shillong Peak. With an altitude of 1496 m, Shillong is a beautiful hill station in Meghalaya boasting pleasant weather throughout the year. Due to immense natural beauty and picturesque locations, Shillong is also known as the “Scotland of the East”. Among the tourist attractions in Shillong are the pristine waterfalls. Also, the rolling hills, crystal clear lakes, cafes, golf courses, and museums together make Shillong a lively place to visit in Meghalaya.

Best Time to Visit Shillong - March to June

  • Cherrapunji

Also known by the name “Meghalaya's Dew Drop”, Cherrapunji is renowned for its double-decker living root bridges. They are one of the unique places in Meghalayas that domestic and international tourists visit. Earlier, it was the wettest place on Earth before Mawsynram earned this title. However, Cherrapunji still holds the record for the highest yearly rainfall. Other natural wonders include cave formations like Mawsmai Caves and Krem Phyllut. The misty valleys and the waterfalls are ideal spots to relax, unwind, and spend time in nature. The famous Nohkalikai Waterfalls is in Cherrapunji.

Best Time to Visit Cherrapunji - October to February

  • Dawki

A small village in the southern part of Meghalaya lies Dawki between the Indian and Bangladesh border. If you are a fan of peaceful vacations, Dawki is an amazing place to be. In addition, adventure enthusiasts can partake in thrilling activities like cliff jumping, zip lining, rafting, angling, camping, and boating. Dawki is famous for the suspension bridge passing over the renowned clear water Dawki River. The river is also called Umngot River and is a popular attraction in Dawki, especially for adventure lovers. Buy little souvenirs and handicrafts from Bangladesh that can be found near the bridge.

Best Time to Visit Dawki -  November to May

  • Mawlynnong Village

“God’s Own Garden” and “Cleanest Village of Asia” are the titles Mawlynnong Village has earned. People here keep their village squeaky clean, which has made it one of the best eco-friendly destinations in India and the world. Kids and adults participate in the village cleaning activities and, before going to school, broom the area around their houses. Villagers here produce their own fruits and vegetables as they believe in organic living. The famous attractions in Mawlynnong include the Nohwet Living Root Bridge, a masterpiece of the Khasi tribes’ generations. Visit this village to learn about sustainable travel and be a responsible traveler.

Best Time to Visit Mawlynnong Village - June to September

  • Mawsynram

The wettest place on Earth, Mawsymram receives an average rainfall of 11,872 millimeters (467.4 in), as per the reports. This mesmerizing region is one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya for nature lovers and backpackers. ‘Maw’ in Mawsynram means ‘stone’ in the Khasi language. It represents the unique megaliths unearthed in the Khashi region. Mawsynram village has a huge formation of stalagmites that looks like a Shivling. Besides, this village is located 1,400 m above sea level, and the weather here is charming to spend time in. Also, note that rains are quite powerful here, and locals use thick grass to soundproof their homes from the thunderous rain.

Best Time to Visit Mawsynram - September and November

With this list of top places to visit in Meghalaya, explore the state with our well-curated Meghalaya tour package, which are customizable. Contact us for more information and to book a tour with us!

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Q: Which are the best places to visit in Meghalaya?

Ans: Here are the top tourist places you can visit on the Meghalaya tour -

  • Shillong
  • Mawsynram
  • Mawlynnong Village
  • Dawki
  • Cherrapunji
  • Mawphlang Sacred Forest
  • Nohkalikai Waterfalls
  • Nohsngithiang Falls
Q: Which is the most beautiful city in Meghalaya?

Ans: The entire state of Meghalaya is charming. Shillong, Mawsynram, and Cherrapunji are some of the most beautiful cities in Meghalaya.

Q: Which are the places to visit in Meghalaya for families?

Ans: Here are the places to visit in Meghalaya for families - 

  • Elephant Falls 
  • Mawphlang Sacred Forests
  • Wards Lake 
  • Krang Suri Falls
  • Umiam Lake
  • Mawsmai Cave
  • Don Bosco Church
Q: Which month is best for Meghalaya?

Ans: April to June are the best months for the Meghalaya tour. The weather remains pleasant and cool, with temperatures ranging between 16°C and 31°C, allowing you to explore the tourist attractions in Meghalaya and partake in activities comfortably.

Q: How much does the Meghalaya trip cost?

Ans: A 5-day Meghalaya trip will cost around INR 23,000 per person (prices may vary at the time of booking). However, this is just an estimated amount, and your choice of hotels, flights/train/bus tickets, meals, and activities will affect the price.