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Mizoram State Museum

Discover Mizoram State Museum to learn about India's extremely rich heritage and history. It was established in April 1977 and is now known as one of the best tourist attractions in Mizoram. The well-equipped museum has a storage of many things that allow you to dig into legends of the past era and learn about the culture of this state. You can find here numerous artifacts, olden relics, traditional dossiers, and stuff of ancient times.

Apart from all these well-preserved items, you will get a better insight into the Mizo Tribes. Mizoram State Museum is located in the Aizawl and has four floors to display the blend of art, culture, and history. These floors have several galleries, including Textile Gallery, Ethnology, History, Anthropology, Natural History, and an Archaeology Terrace, and makes the museum one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mizoram.

Best Time to Visit Mizoram State Museum

October to May are the best months to plan your visit to Mizoram State Museum. During this time, the weather condition in Aizawl is pleasant and allows you to enjoy sightseeing tours. Thus, you can plan your visit to Mizoram State Museum in these months and cover other tourist attractions. However, you need to know that Monday to Friday the museum is open between 9:00 am to 5: 00 pm, Saturday it opens for half day (9:00 am to 1: 00 pm). And Sunday remains closed, so plan your visit according to the museum's hours.

How to Reach Mizoram State Museum

Throughout the year, numerous tourists visit Mizoram State Museum to learn about the state's fascinating history and a touch of culture and art. You can also reach Mizoram State Museum by airway, railway, and roadway. If you plan to visit by air, Lengpui Aiport is the nearest one to the museum and is located around 31 km.

You can easily access this museum by rail as the Bhairabi Railway Junction is the closest at a distance of 120 km. For those who are planning to visit nearby cities and towns, by road is an ideal way to reach Mizoram State Museum. You can take private or public bus service from the nearby towns to Bhairabi Bus Station, located approximately 121 km from the museum.


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