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Forts and Palaces in Mount Abu

Rajasthan is always a great attraction for tourists. With a number of tourists increasing every year the importance of Rajasthan as a tourist destination is also on the rise. Moreover, the variety of attraction available in Rajasthan helps in attracting a large number of tourists.

Though there are plenty of Rajasthan Tourist Attractions, most of them experience a low tourist count during the summer season as being a desert state the heat becomes unbearable especially for foreign tourists. However, Rajasthan as a tourist destination still manages to fulfill the gap by offering a beautiful hill station in the form of Mount Abu.

The pleasant weather of the place along with a number of tourist attractions in Mount Abu is a major draw for the tourists. Among the various tourist attractions in Mount Abu, the forts and palaces in Mount Abu manages to attract large number of tourists. The various forts and palaces reflect excellent architecture along with a historical significance. Hence, during the Rajasthan tour, visit to these forts and palaces is a must.

The forts and palaces in Mount Abu are such a major attraction for tourists as the various features of these forts and places reflect the grandeur and splendor of the lifestyle of the bygone era of Rajasthan. Each of the forts and palaces are pieces of architectural marvel and reveals the excellent skill of the craftsmen of that era. Their skills have imparted an awestrucking beauty to these forts and places which still continues to mesmerize people. Some of these structures date back to ages before but hardly any of them bears the brunt of time.

Various forts and palaces in Mount Abu

There are number of forts and palaces in Mount Abu. Among them the Achalgarh Fort attracts a lot of tourists. It is a treat to the eye as the beautifully sculpted Jain temples are simply marvelous. Moreover, a visit to this fort will also allow you an opportunity to visit the Achleshwar Mahadev Temple which is located in close proximity to the fort.

The temple is also a worthy visit as it is best known for the Nandi and other sculpted idols. The palaces are also a great attraction for tourists as not only these palaces are excellent architectural structures but are also maintained well.

The prime reason for that is the most of the palaces are converted into heritage hotels. The Sunrise Palace is also a renowned palace in Mount Abu. The palace offers a unique charm as it reflects the features of colonial architecture. Another popular palace of the region is the Kesar Bhawan Palace which is a beautiful structure as well. Hence these various forts and palaces make it a great tour for the tourists.


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