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Nakki Lake Mount Abu

Nakki Lake is one of the most famous lakes in Mount Abu. It is an artificial lake that also has provisions for boating. Tourists visiting this place thoroughly enjoy their experience. Moreover, you can also enjoy the excitement of horse riding along the bank of the lake. It will surely be a memorable experience for you.

There are numerous beautiful tourist attractions in Mount Abu which are known for their unique charm and splendor. One such tourist attraction is the Lake Nakki, Mount Abu. This lake is one of the best amongst the various other Lakes and Gardens in Mount Abu and adds o the variety of tourist destinations in Mount Abu.

History of Lake Nakki, Mount Abu

According to a legend, Lake Nakki at Mount Abu was gouged out by God, using only his nails or nakh. For many Hindus, this lake is a very holy one. This lake is quite a geographical wonder and also the subject of interest for geologists. Another legend goes that 330 million gods and goddesses paid a visit to this lake, which makes it extremely sanctified.

Things to do near Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

Lake Nakki, Mount Abu is an excellent picnic spot and offers awe inspiring views of the surroundings. It also is a perfect place to go for boating and other adventures. Lake Nakki at Mount Abu is surrounded by scenic hillocks, beautiful parks and peculiar rock formations. The tourists will also come across a lot of luxurious and stylish summer houses that were once the retreats of the Maharajas and their families. There is also a temple, which is dedicated to the Hindu deity Raghunathji, by the lake.

Nakki Lake Timings: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM (All days of the week)

Nakki Lake Boating Charges:

  • INR 50 - 100 per person 30 minute ride on a pedalo
  • INR 100     per person 30 minute ride on a Shikara like boat

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