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Archeological Museum

Mount Abu in Rajasthan is one of the most popular Rajasthan Tourist Attractions. The unique appeal of the place lies in the fact that it is solo hill station in a state that is most renowned for having the Thar Desert. The particular hill station also manages to attract a large number of tourists as during the summer as it is the only place in Rajasthan that provides a respite from the scorching heat of the sun. Hence, during this season, when the rest of Rajasthan experiences comparatively less number of tourists, Mount Abu experiences a large number of tourists. However, the pleasant weather of Mount Abu is not the only attractive thing about the place. There are also a number of other attractions in Mount Abu. The museums in Mount Abu are also a great draw for the tourists. These museums possess a number of historically significant items that provide a deep insight into the history of the place. Among the various museums, the Archeological Museum in Mount Abu is one of the prominent one. Built in the year 1962, the museum was built mainly to serve the purpose of preserving archaeological assets of this area.

The Archeological Museum of Mount Abu draws a large number of tourists. Opened from 10:00 am to 04:30 pm, the museum only remains closed on Fridays. It is a great place to get a detailed view of the art and culture of Rajasthan. The museum mainly has attractions like delicately carved out statues of Nartakis (Dancer) or Devdas, splendid sculptures of the ancient Chandravati Township. The image of the Chakrabahu Shiva is also a great attraction for tourists.

To make it more tourist friendly, Archaeological Museum possessed two sections. The first section possesses items like weapons, ladies ornaments and musical instruments. The variety of ladies' ornaments include 'gaga wala thoomar', 'damani', 'guthma toda', 'barly' etc. The section also displays a wide variety of earrings as well.

The second section of the Mount Abu Archeological Museum mainly has a series of miniature paintings. These paintings are mainly based on the variety of themes. The section also boasts a number of beautiful carvings on local wood. Hence, id you still not have been to the particular museum it is suggested to visit it next time you visit Mount Abu. A visit to this museum will be a thoroughly enriching experience as it will not only let you enjoy the various exhibits of the museum but will also adds a new dimension to your visit to the magnificent hill station. This is very well realized by the tourists and as a result, most of the tourists visiting the museum visit this museum.

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