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Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University and Museum Mount Abu

Mount Abu in Rajasthan is a beautiful hill station in Rajasthan, India. The pleasant weather of the particular hill station is a major draw for the tourists especially during the summer months when the rest of Rajasthan burns under the scorching heat of the sun. Hence, this station plays a vital role for bringing in tourists even during summer which is otherwise regarded as an off season for the rest of Rajasthan. The popularity of this hill station is not confined within the boundaries of India. A large number of foreign tourists also visit the place to experience the beautiful tourist destination.

Mount Abu as a tourist destination offers much more than the pleasant weather. The variety of attractions in the place helps to provide a thoroughly enjoyable experience to the tourists. The various museums of Mount Abu especially add to the attractions of the museum. These museums with a wide collection of exhibits help in reflecting rich history of the place. Hence, a large number of history and art lovers throng this place to gain a vivid knowledge about the history of Rajasthan.

There are many museums in Mount Abu but the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University and Museum bears a special significance. With an objective to establish universal peace, the particular museum serves a significant purpose in the current world scenario.

The history of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University and Museum dates back to 1950 when Brahma Kumaris shifted base to Mount Abu. This initiative was a part of the internationalization program that involved proper establishment of the centers across India and also a range of proselyting activity.

The teaching of this university is mainly based on the fact that irrespective of your birth place, each of the paths leads towards supreme power. The university is mainly involved in teaching peace through meditation, yoga and spiritual knowledge. Though it has as many as 4500 branches but the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University and Museum, being the headquarter, remains the prime attraction.

The Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University and Museum offers residential courses alongside offering an introductory course. This course is often availed by tourist visiting Mount Abu. The best part of the course lies in the fact that it is free of cost as the particular university entirely runs on donations. Another common sight in the museum is Brahma Kumaris clad in white. The meditation session offered by the museum is attended by large number attendants. Moreover, there is no entry free in the museum.

Hence, if you are really searching for a place in Mount Abu, where you will get a true value for your visit, Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University and Museum is certainly the place. By visiting the museum you will not only be able to witness the piece of history, you will also get an opportunity to enrich tour knowledge by attending the introductory course of the museum that is offered free of cost.

Hence, no more confusions. Mount Abu is truly the place to be but make sure that you get a chance to visit the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University and Museum.

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