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Luna Vashi Temple

Mount Abu has a variety of attractions. Among those various attractions, the temples in Mount Abu have a unique appeal and responsible for attracting a large number of tourists. The religious significance of the temple mainly attracts the devotees. The splendid architecture of the temple helps in attracting a large number of tourists. The Luna Vashi temple is one such temple that dates back to the ancient period and attracts a large number of tourists. Built by the ministers of King Viradhavala, it is truly a magnificent structure.

About Luna Vashi temple

Located just a few kilometers away from the Dilwara Temple Mount Abu, it is a must visit during visit to Mount Abu. There are a number of beliefs related to the Luna Vashi temple. It is believed that two brothers on their way to a pilgrim trip were carrying huge amount of gold. They decided to bury the wealth under a tree but as they dug the place they found there huge amount of gold. As they got so much wealth, they made a temple with that wealth and dedicated it to the Jain Tirthankaras. Beliefs like these attract even more number of tourists and devotees.

The Luna Vashi temple has a number of features that often leave tourists mesmerized. The intricate carvings and the floral designs not only impart more beauty to the temple but also are a treat to the eye of the tourists. These features are in fact the prime attraction for regular tourists.

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