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Mahaveer Swami Temple in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is equally famous for the religious spots and Mahaveer Swami Temple at Mount Abu is a famous Jain pilgrim point. This temple occupies a prominent place among the religious places in Rajasthan.

The charisma and appeal of this temple is simply unparalleled and hence beckons a large number of tourists who are captivated by its imposing structure and artistic handiwork. The architecture of the Mahaveer Swami Temple at Mount Abu is simply unmatched. The temple is aesthetically decorated with the pictures and wall paintings on the upper walls of the porch and was painted in the year 1764 AD by the craftsmen from Sirohi.

The intricate paintings are simply enthralling and the surroundings of the temple are very calm and blissful. A lot of pilgrims and devotees come to this temple to pay visit and seek the blessings of Mahaveer whom they consider their idol.

The temple can be reached easily from Mount Abu as there are frequent rail and road networks that operate on a daily basis to and fro from Mount Abu.

History of Mahaveer Swami Temple Mount Abu

Mahaveer Swami Temple is an ancient temple which was built in 1582 AD. It is basically a small structure which was built in veneration to the 24th Jain Tirthankara Lord Mahaveer.

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