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    Dhobi Ghat Mumbai

    Settled 12 km from the main city of Mumbai, Dhobi Ghat is one of the most popular attractions for foreign travelers and Indians who visit Mumbai (India) frequently. The Ghat is famous as the world's most oversized outdoor laundry, where there are several Dhobis washing clothes in the localities of the city. Formed in 1890, Dhobi Ghat served as a helping hand to the population of English and Parsi residents. A peep inside the Ghat will familiarize you with the existing condition of the lower middle class, and one can see how dhobis are busy washing dirty laundry from every corner of Mumbai. Numerous washer  families have had their primary occupation as washing for several years. The municipal council owns the Ghat.

    In March 2011, Dhobi Ghat registered its name in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is also known as an organization known as Dhobi Kalyan and Audyogik Vikas Co-operative Society. The world's most famous site is known for its laundry services and recycling of sarees and other garments sold at discounted prices at different local markets. There is also a film picturized by Aamir Khan, Dhobi Ghat, in which he shows the everyday life of these washermen and how they form an important section of society. 

    Dhobi Ghat history

    In 1890, when Britain was still in control, a group of 50 washers established the location. And aside from a few changes, Dhobi Ghat has retained its previous appearance and operational style.

    Currently, the neighborhood is home to over 700 washer families, who thrash clothing on their own stones daily. While some dhobis have installed mechanized washers and dryers, the majority still wash their clothing using platforms and troughs designed and constructed during British rule to survive.

    Things to do in Mumbai Dhobi Ghat

    • Watching the organized chaos at the laundry
    • Knowing about the lives of washermen and women
    • Clicking colorful photographs of clotheslines

    Best Time to Visit Dhobi Ghat

    October through March are ideal for scheduling a Dhobi Ghat Mumbai excursion. The possibility of rain disrupting your plans is minimal, and the temperature is still acceptable.

    Visit the location early in the day to observe the dhobis flogging the clothing in their cubicles. Loads of clothing are hung out to dry in the sun by midday and early afternoon.

    Time to Explore Dhobi Ghat Mumbai

    Exploring the dark alleys of Dhobi Ghat would take only about an hour. You can witness the British-era water troughs used for washing, get through miles of cloth hanging lines, and get a glimpse of the ironing sheds.

    Interesting facts about Dhobi Ghat

    • Around 5000 dhobis work around the clock, cleaning and crisping dirty clothes.
    • Dhobi Ghat has more than 700 washing stations where hands do the washing.
    • A record for "most person hand-washing garments at a single spot" was once set at Dhobi Ghat when 496 dhobis cleaned clothes collectively.
    • The washers regularly serve hotels, hospitals, and decorators in the area. The laundry also receives clothing from clothing manufacturers.
    • This location has been used for filming numerous Hindi and Marathi films, including Munnabhai MBBS, Shootout at Wadala, and Dhobi Ghat (also known as Mumbai Diaries).

    Things to keep in mind while visiting Dhobi Ghat

    • Get in there early in the morning to avoid the dhobis' rush hours.
    • Ensure your camera is waterproof, as most areas are wet.
    • Be aware of the pickpockets in this place.

    Places to visit near Mumbai Dhobi Ghat

    • Mahalakshmi Temple 
    • Haji Ali Dargah
    • Nehru Planetarium
    • Mumbai zoo
    • Marine Drive

    How to reach Dhobi Ghat Mumbai?

    Dhobi Ghat is close to a lot of other Mumbai tourist attractions. The closest local railway station to Dhobi Ghat is Mahalaxmi Mumbai Station. Regular trains are available from all parts of Mumbai. You can also catch a public bus.

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