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Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai

A famous clock tower and a landmark in South Mumbai date back to 1869. It is named after the mother of the sole financial contributor to the tower. The tower looks similar to the Big Ben of London and reflects the Venetian and Gothic styles of architecture. Sir Goerge Gilbert Scott built this 280-foot-long tower. When it was built, it was the tallest structure in Mumbai, and its construction cost a sum of INR 2,00,000, a significant amount during that time. Its staircase has been designed like a spiral and is adorned with beautiful pictures.

Rajabai Clock Tower History

On March 1, 1869, the foundation stone of the Rajabai Clock Tower was laid, and the construction continued until November 1879. Sir George Gilbert Scott, a British architect, designed the clock tower after being inspired by Big Ben in London. The building reflects a blend of Venetian and Gothic styles of architecture. During those years, donating a sum of INR 2,00,000 was a big deal by Premchand Roychand (founder of the Bombay Stock Exchange). He demanded the tower be named after his mother, Rajabai. His mother was blind and a follower of Jainism and used to eat dinner in the evening. The bell in the tower helped her know the time. With growing time, Rajabai Tower became a common suicide point, leading to its closure for the public. Today, it acts as a significant landmark in the south of Mumbai.

Rajabai Clock Tower Architecture

Architecturally, the Rajabai Clock Tower combines Gothic and Venetian elements. It is 3.8 meters wide, 85 meters high, and includes a massive clock visible from a distance.

For many years, this tower was the highest building in Mumbai.

Islamic architecture and Victorian-Gothic design are both evident in the arches. Sir JJ School of Art students and Indian artisans also created the sculptures on the clock. Sir Lockwood Kipling led them.

Kurla stones from the area were used to construct the tower. Additionally, Porbandar was where the top's material came from. The sides of this antique clock tower are beautifully embellished with stone sculptures from Porbandar. The building is also renowned for other features, including the latticework on its exterior and the colorful stained-glass windows.

Rajabai Clock Tower Entry Fee and Timings

There is no cost associated with admiring the Rajabai Clock Tower's beauty or taking pictures of it. You can wander the streets, eat some treats from the neighborhood, and take photos of one of the city's oldest clock towers. Access is available from 9 AM to 10 PM.

Best Time to Visit Rajabai Clock Tower

Evenings are the ideal time to see the Rajabai Clock Tower as the sun sets and a line of street food vendors forms. Additionally, nightfall is a better time to take pictures than midday.

And plan your trip to Mumbai for the winter, which begins around November and lasts until early February. Again, the temperature is lower than in other months, the humidity is low, and the weather is nice.

How to reach Rajabai Clock Tower in Mumbai?

The Fort district, in the city's center, is home to the Rajabai Clock Tower. It is hence easily accessible from all areas of Mumbai. You can get to the tower by using cabs, cars, or taxis. You can also take the city's regular public buses and local railroads to travel to the Rajabai Clock Tower. It is close to the famous Churchgate Railway Station, which is accessible by foot. In addition, you can take a cab from one of the top automobile rental companies in Mumbai for a more pleasant ride and explore all the city's well-known tourist attractions.

Time to explore Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai

Spend between 30 and 45 minutes at the clock tower. But you should also look at the neighborhood if you have the time. In addition to the building, you can explore the university's campus, check out the library, and go to other tourist attractions. Rajabai Clock Tower is close to places like Jehangir Art Gallery, Flora Fountain, and Book Street.

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