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Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai

A popular clock tower and a landmark in South Mumbai, Rajabai Tower dates back to 1869. It is named after the mother of the sole financial contributor of the tower. The tower looks similar to the Big Ben of London and reflects Venetian and Gothic style of architecture. This 280-feet long tower was built by Sir Goerge Gilbert Scott. And when it was built it was the tallest structure of Mumbai and its construction costed a sum of INR 2, 00,000 which was a grand amount during that time. Its staircase has been designed like a spiral and has been adorned with beautiful pictures.

In 1 March 1869 the foundation stone of Rajabai Clock Tower was laid and the construction continued until November 1879.  Sir George Gilbert Scott, a British architect designed the clock tower after being inspired from the Big Ben of London. The tower reflects a blend of Venetian and Gothic style of architecture. During those years, donating a sum of INR 2,00,000 was a big deal which was done by Premchand Roychand (founder of Bombay Stock Exchange). He demanded the tower to be named after his mother, Rajabai. His mother was blind and a follower of Jainism and used to eat dinner in the evening, the bell of the tower helped her knowing the time. With the growing time, Rajabai Tower became a common suicide point and this lead to its closure for public. Today it acts like a major landmark in South of Mumbai.

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