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Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai

One of the oldest Hindu shrines in the city of Mumbai, Mahalaxmi temple was built in the year 1785. It is located in the Worli area of the city and is visited by devotees in  large numbers throughout the year. Mahalaxmi temple is dedicated to the three deities of Hinduism-Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Kali. There is an interesting story behind the construction of this sacred temple. In the 18th century, when the region was under the threat of Muslim invaders, Hindus immersed the idols of these three Goddesses in the sea, in order to protect them. Later on, when British rule came into existence in this part of India, Lord Horneby had some construction plans at this place. The British wanted to connect Worli with Malbar Hill creek, the two islands, close to each other.  

However, his team of engineers and workers were unable to do so as sea waves made the construction difficult. Hornebey then saw Goddess Lakshmi in his dream one night, who instructed him to take out the immersed idols of the three deities and consecrate them on top of a hill. Owing to this, the three idols were taken out and placed on the hill. Miraculously, the two islands were then connected. Hornebey later on, constructed the Mahalaxmi temple. Since its construction, the temple has been the jewel of the city. The idols of the three Goddesses are molded in gold and adorned with beautiful ornaments. People from all over the world visit this sacred shrine and during the time of Navratri, it witnesses a huge influx of pilgrims. It is during this time of the year, the whole temple is decorated which is then followed by a massive celebration. 

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