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Mumba Devi Temple in Mumbai

The Mumba Devi Temple is associated with the goddess Mumba. It is a holy spot, around 23 km away from the city center of Mumbai. It is one of the most popular and ancient shrines, holding great spiritual importance among the Kolis (fishermen) of the city. It is believed that Maha Amba or Devi Mumba offers incredible peace and power to the Kolis and acts as their supporter. Tourists and devotees from all parts of the world provide sincere prayers at the Mumbai Devi temple and seek the blessings of Goddess Mumba.

Formerly, the temple was put up in 1675 in Bori Bunder but was later damaged and rebuilt in 1737 at Zaveri Bazaar. Today, the sacred shrine is located in the middle of the city's steel and busy cloth markets. The town has derived its name from Mumbadevi, Mumbai.

Idols at Mumba Devi Temple

The main idol of Devi Mumba is decorated with a silver crown, a nose stud, and a golden necklace. There are also idols of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesh inside the temple complex. The morning and evening Aartis (worship ceremonies) are held in the temple with great devotion. So pay a visit to the temple and rebuild your faith in the almighty. 

Mumba Devi Temple Architecture

The Shri Mumba Devi Temple was constructed in the traditional design of an old Hindu temple. A red flag is flying from the top of the structure with one tall spire. Additionally, the external walls are embellished with stunning carvings similar to those in Hindu temples.

The statue of Goddess Mumba in the temple shrine wears a silver crown, a golden necklace, and a nose stud. Mumbadevi, who stands in for Mother Earth, is voiceless. Her neighbors include the statues of Lord Ganesh, Hanuman, and Goddess Annapurna. In addition, the temple contains a statue of a ferocious tiger in front of the shrine.

Mumba Devi Temple Timings and Entry Fee

The hours for entering Mumba Devi Temple are 6 AM to 9 PM. It is open every day of the year except Mondays. The temple is beautifully decked with flowers and lights during the Navratri celebration. And followers come to the deity for benefits.

The aarti time at Mumba Devi Temple is 7 AM and 7 PM.

Visits to the Mumbai Devi Temple are free. The Mumba Devi Temple Trust keeps the temple in good condition through numerous donations. You are also free to add some.

Best time to visit Mumba Devi Temple

The best time to visit the temple is in winter because the summers are hot and humid, and the monsoons bring torrential downpours. It starts in late October and concludes in early March. You can easily explore the temple because the temperature is pleasant. And make an effort to go while it's early in the day.

Navratri takes place in the winter, between October and November. You can see the believers' enthusiasm at those times and the religious rites and ceremonial events held inside the temple complex. 

Time to explore Mumba Devi Temple

You should spend between 30 and 60 minutes at Mumba Devi Temple. And it would be ample time for you to present the goddess with flowers and ask for her favor. To get to the temple shrine, though, you might have to fight your way through the mob for a long time during festivals.

How to reach Mumba Devi Temple

The Shri Mumbadevi Temple is conveniently accessible from everywhere in the city and is located in the center of Mumbai. You can take a bus, an auto, or a cab to get there. You can also choose to travel locally to the temple via train. The station that is closest to Mumba Devi Temple is Charni Road. However, hiring a private cab from one of Mumbai's best vehicle rental firms is the most comfortable method to get to the temple.

Things to do

Along with participating in the Mumba Devi Temple events, one can also browse the many stores nearby. A variety of fresh flowers and mouth watering confections are available in numerous stores. In addition, religious items and idols are available in stores. The Zaveri Bazaar, also known as the "Jewelers' Market," has several jewelry stores if you want to buy some gold.

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