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Company Garden

Also known as Municipal Garden, Company Garden is located in the Happy Valley area of Mussoorie. The perfect picnic spot for friends and family, Company Garden welcomes you with lush greenery, beautiful fountains, colorful flowers and birds. Visitors can enjoy a boat ride in the artificial lake within the garden. Also, there are a number of restaurants near the lake where people can enjoy some delicious food. There is an open air arrangement at the garden from where visitors can enjoy the lake view while enjoying their meal.

The garden is a perfect picnic spot as it also houses an amusement park within it where children can enjoy various adventurous rides. The garden has a nursery, which houses around 800 different species of flowers. Some popular species of flowers include garden include Dahlias, Begonia, Pansy and Petunia. Also, there are a wide range of saplings that are available for sale.

Not to miss, there is an artificial waterfall in the garden, which adds to its beauty and makes it more alluring. The colorful and serene ambiance of the garden promises a great and memorable day out with friends and family.

There is also a small market inside the garden, from where visitors can buy some souvenirs.