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Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills is named after goddess Chamunda, of whom a temple is located here. Wodayar Kings (rulers of Mysore) considered Maa Chamundeshwari their principle deity and christened the hill after her name in 17th century. The Chamundeshwari Temple is a major pilgrimage spot of South India and also stands as an architectural landmark of Mysore.

Chamundeswari Temple is a prime attraction of Chamundi Hills.  This hill along with Chamundeshwari Temple also has the oldest temple of Mysore, Mahabaleswara Temple, which was built around 9th Century AD. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. An imposing, in fact third-largest statue of Nandi Bull in India is installed here. This statue is 5 meter tall and is carved out of a single black stone. Chamundi Hills can be spotted from different corners of the city. Once you climb up the hill, prepare yourself for a magnificent view of the surrounding.

As per legends, Chamundi Hills was once a territory of Demon Mahishasur. He was bestowed a boon that no man could kill him. Thus, no one could stop destruction caused by him. People gathered to worship Goddess Chamunda and pleaded her to save them from the demon.  His deeds made the goddess fierce and she proceeded to kill him. Due to this act she was also named Mahishasuramardhini. The Chamunda Temple is perched at the summit; in fact the legend also says this shape of the hill was caused by falling of the demon.

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