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Tourist Attractions in Nagaland

Nagaland is one of the gems of India and an equally fascinating place. Situated in the North-East side of the country, it is one of the most enriched states of India. From popular tribal village life to colorful cultures, Nagaland has everything travelers ever wonder. There are a plethora of tourist attractions in Nagaland. With a perfect melange of unrestricted valleys, lush-green vegetation, soothing weather, dense and offbeat forests, Nagaland is a prime location for nature lovers, adventure junkies, and even explorers. On one hand, where it has several offbeat spots offering nothing but a raw and pristine environment, the breathtaking scenic beauty keeps the travelers mesmerized on the other. Dotted with a plethora of popular tourist attractions, the state of Nagaland has always lured travelers for more than one reason. Another uniqueness of this place is the warm-hearted and welcoming locals who never let any traveler feel away from home.

To start with the tourist attraction in Nagaland, Kohima, the capital city offers a huge variety in such spots. It is an ideal place for bikers and trekkers owing to the trails upon which these adrenaline-rushing activities can be enjoyed. Kohima offers an array of trails where travelers can indulge in biking, trekking as well as camping. From dozens of other hiking trails, Japfu peak is one of the most popular ones. People who love trekking up the hills on difficult trails can’t just resist conquering this one. It is not just the rough and challenging trail that intrigues the trekkers but even the mesmerizing view from the summit. Dzuko Valley is the place where Japfu Peak is located and right from the top the entire valley simply looks beautiful. The 360-degree-view from the peak showcases the carpets of grass and species of lilies that are only found in Nagaland. The view is something that spells bounds for every visitor.

Apart from this Kohima also boasts a lot of other tourist attractions including the War Cemetery that is the resting place of the Japanese and British World War II martyrs. The Kohima Museum brings the culture and traditions of the tribes that were and are living in the state. Touphema Village is another very important and equally popular tourist attraction because it has opened its doors to travelers and people keen to learn more about the inhabitant tribes. Those who visit this village also get to stay in the huts that are designed by Nagas so that travelers get a complete setup of how the tribes live and enjoy here. Another very enchanting attraction of Nagaland is the Triple Fall. Located in the Kohima, the Triple fall is a three-way fall spot where people hike and enjoy sightseeing. For all the wildlife enthusiasts, Nagaland has the Ntangki Wildlife Sanctuary and Rangapahar Reserve Forest to give them an option to enjoy their time amidst the wild. For those who love shopping at local shops when they visit any other city, there is no need to get disheartened already. There are a lot of places such as Kohima Naga Bazaar and Diezephe craft village where one can go on a shopping spree. Amongst the travelers visiting Nagaland, there are many who always look for tasty food to savor and Nagaland never lets them down either. From the famous black dog to the Naga special dish, one can taste everything that satiates their taste buds. All the above-listed places and things to do in Nagaland cover only one destination and that’s Kohima. There are other districts in the state that have several different and beautiful attractions to offer.

For those who are keen learners and wish to know about the history of Nagaland, the best place to get that is at the Nagaland State Museum that houses volumes of books that talks about the rich state history. One can fetch a book and learn about the cultural and religious history of the state. It is not just the books but this museum holds a lot of artifacts that include traditional jewelry, dresses, sculptures, instruments, inscriptions, and many more. The museum also exhibits a lot of paintings that are made by the locals.

Amongst the travelers, there are several who love visiting historic places and ruins. For those who find this intriguing, Nagaland has the Kachari Ruins that can be explored. Here one can find mushroom domed pillars that are believed to have been erected in the 13th century. This might be an offbeat travel destination but many travelers keep this high on their itinerary. A quaint hill town that is also a hotspot for travelers during summers is the Chumukedima Village of Dimapur.