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Sirkazhi Sattanathar Temple

Sirkazhi Sattanathar Temple is one of the famous temples in Tamil Nadu of South India. This temple stands to the pride of the teeming millions and is visited by them, all round the year. The temple is constructed with five circumbulating walls that are mainly placed for the pilgrims to move about and gain the blessings of God.

The Sirkazhi Sattanathar Temple is considered to be the 14th Tevara Stalangal located at the North of River Kauvery. The Sirkazhi Sattanathar Temple is mostly known by its splendid architectural style and technique. The pair of Golden Cymbals is the mark of identification that distinguishes this temple from the rest.

Description of the Sirkazhi Sattanathar Temple:

The Sirkazhi Sattanathar Temple is well known because of the fact that Sirkazhi Govingarajan emerged from here and the temple is presently under the supervision of the Dharumpura Adhinam. The temple consists of a number of Shiva Shrines. There are 3 shrines of Lord Shiva at the temple and the Shaivites find this place a very suitable one for offering sacrifices.

This temple is a grand creation of the Dravidian form of architecture and is a gem of the Indian Heritage and Tradition. Associated with the shrine there are 22 Teerthams. They enhance the glory and prestige of the South Indian Temples and also serve to glorify the Indian skill in the field of art and architecture.

Mainly the Dravidian style of art is conspicuous in the Sirkazhi Sattanathar Temple, Nagappattinam . The temple tower consists of engraved stone works and is an unique example of the Indian.