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Tourist Places in Nalanda

Nalanda forms a part of the tourism circuit of Bihar and is situated 90 kms to the south east of Patna via road. Nalanda was a leading seat of knowledge in ancient India. In the 5th century, a university was founded here by the Gupta emperors for studying Buddhism. Tourist Attractions in Nalanda feature the excavated remains of this ancient university. Elaborately planned monasteries and temples in addition to the daises for the professors speak a lot about the glorious past of Nalanda.

Some significant Tourist Attractions of Nalanda are:

Nalanda University Archaeological Complex, stretching across 14 hectares of land, houses red brick buildings having some magnificent gardens on the borderline. The Viharas (monasteries) in addition to the Chaityas (temples) in the premises offer a rare visual treat.

The Nalanda Archaeological Museum, is another site that ranks high amongst the Nalanda Tourist Attractions. This museum contains a remarkable collection of Buddhist and Hindu artifacts besides some Lord Buddha's statues. Two massive terra-cotta jars inside a shaded enclosure, situated behind the museum belong to the 1st century.

Nava Nalanda Mahavihara, constructed in 1951 and dedicated to the research and study of Buddhism and Pali Literature, is a new stopover amongst the Tourist Attractions in Nalanda.

Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall, built in the memory of Hieun Tsang, the renowned Chinese traveler is another sure shot winner on Nalanda Tour Packages.

Surajpur Baragaon, an admired Hindu pilgrimage positioned close to Nalanda also attracts many tourists. The Sun temple at this place beside the lake is a huge draw amongst travelers coming to Nalanda. So, hasten to book yourself for a tour to Nalanda and have a nice time.

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