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Samdruptse Monastery

Samdruptse Monastery is located 5 km from Namchi and is one of the most revered monasteries in Sikkim. It boasts of modern planning and architecture, one of its highlights. Perched at an altitude of 2134 m (7000 feet), Samdruptse Monastery Namchi has a giant statue of Guru Padmasambhava that overlooks the entire city. Gilded with gold and glitters, the statue looks stunning when the lights fall on it. In the local Sikkimese language called Bhutia, 'Samdruptse' means 'The Wish-Fulfilling Hill'. This is one of the main reasons for this monastery's popularity among devotees and tourists.

From the hill, one can also see the vistas of the mighty Mount Kanchenjunga. It is said that the Samdruptse Hill is a dormant volcano and only prayers can retract it from erupting. That is why all the local monks are devoted to it. Within the Samdruptse Monastery's premises, you can see an ardent collection of historical artifacts, including pictures of Mahatma Gandhi. If you are a history buff, this will surely excite you. Pelling tour packages are the best way to explore this scenic attraction. You can customize your trip to Sikkim with the help of our travel experts. Contact us for more information and to book a tour with us!

Here is the detailed information about Samdruptse Monastery Namchi

Samdruptse Monastery History

The Dalai Lama laid the foundation of the Samdruptse Monastery in Namchi on 22nd October 1997. Among all the other monasteries in Sikkim, Samdruptse Monastery was established quite recently. Building this masterpiece took almost 100 laborers and various skilled and experienced sculptors, engineers, and architects. And finally, after 7 years, Samdruptse Monastery was ready to be open to the public. Today, a 2 section ropeway is under construction to connect Namchi to Samdruptse Monastery. It is under the sponsorship of the Sikkim State Government.

Samdruptse Monastery Architecture 

The colorful Samdruptse Monastery is an amalgamation of Sikkimese, Tibetan, and modern-day styles of architecture. The most stunning feature is the 135 feet of Guru Padmasambhava statue, and it probably is the world's highest statue of Guru Padmasambhava. The statue in golden color with copper-colored clothes looks amazing.

This wonderful monastery is a treasure trove of ancient paintings, historic sculptures, artifacts, and statues. The beautiful paintings and sculptures adorn the walls of the Namchi monastery. The architecture plan of the monastery is a combination of historic and modern nuances. Covering the statue from all sides, the monastery also provides accommodation to lamas and monks.

Festivals at Samdruptse Monastery

All Buddhism-related festivals are celebrated at Samdruptse Monastery with much zeal and enthusiasm. The Mask Dance is the most famous and is surely not to be missed by any visitor. Samdruptse Monastery is beautifully decorated and there are amazing fireworks, religious chants, delicious food, and rituals performed by the monks. So, whenever you are in Sikkim during a Buddhist festival, visit Samdruptse Monastery in Namchi.

Location of Samdruptse Monastery 

Samdruptse Monastery is located around 7 km from Namchi, 2 km off Damthang Ravangla Road.

Best time to visit Samdruptse Monastery Namchi Sikkim

February to May and September to mid-December is the best time to visit Samdruptse Monastery Namchi. During this time, the weather is pleasant and you can have a soul-filling experience.

Samdruptse Monastery Namchi Entry Charges

You have to pay a nominal fee of INR 30 per adult to visit Samdruptse Monastery. 

How to reach Samdruptse Monastery Namchi

The distance between Samdruptse Monastery and Namchi is around 7 km. You can hire a cab or bus to reach the monastery from Namchi. State-run buses or shared taxis are also available from various other cities in Sikkim to reach the monastery.


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