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Tourist Attractions in Nawalgarh

Considered as the Golden city of Rajasthan, Nawalgarh lies in the Shekawati region and is highly renowned for its frescoes and Havelis. Founded in the first half of the 18th century, the history of Nawalgarh has seen the origins of numerous Marwari business families which has greatly influenced the layout of the city. Considered to be a modern town of the Shekhawati clan,  its popular attractions include numerous forts and palaces, some of which are left disfigured.

Capturing the eyes of every tourist are the exquisitely painted havelis, which are beautifully carved into a traditional Shekhawati design. These structures are actually mansions that boast of wooden gates and ornated walls.  Alluring fact about the havelis of Nawalgarh is that all of them are decorated with mural paintings which are based on the themes of life and depict the time of Lord Krishna.

Counted amongst the best places to visit in Nawalgarh, these havelis cum mansions portray the rich and prosperous bygone Marwari era. To name a few, the major places in the city include Nawalgarh Fort, Roop Niwas Palace, Sheesh Mahal, Anandi Lal Podar Haveli, Chokhani Haveli, Jodhraj Patodia Haveli and Bansidhar Bhagat Haveli.    

Famous Tourist Places in Nawalgarh

Bala Kila Fort

When you tour to Nawalgarh you can visit Bala Kila Fort. It is also known as Nawalgarh Fort and was built in 1737. The fort has several modern features, which was later constructed after the ancient one was destroyed. You can see various types of frescos, which you can find in the south eastern part. In fact this portion has some of the best and finest frescos, which belongs to Shekhawati region.


When you visit Nawalgarh, you cannot miss the Havelis. There are various havelis situated in this region, both big and small. In fact due to the presence of the havelis, the entire town looks like a traditional and ancient art gallery. The Aath Havelis is pretty famous, which dates back its origin to 1900 AD. In fact you can see different types of painting styles in these havelis. The paintings reflect the history and culture of the region. A tour to these havelis will help you to have a look at the royal heritage of the region.

Hira Lal Sarowgi Haveli

Hira Lal Sarowgi Havelis is one of the famous attractions among various tourist attractions of Nawalgarh. This haveli is visited by tourists from all over the world. It is located at a distance of 142 kilometers from the capital city of Jaipur. You can see beautiful art work, floral designs, and wood work and elaborate designs. This makes the haveli look more beautiful. The haveli has a typical old world charm and attraction of its own. This place is often visited by the art lovers.

Roop Niwas Palace

Roop Niwas Palace was previously the abode and residence of the Thakur of Nawalgarh. This place is a strange yet beautiful combination of European and Rajput art and architecture. This ancient royal abode has been converted into a heritage hotel. If you want to have a look a proper look at the palace hotel, then you can stay in the hotel. The hotel offers some of the best luxuries, and also organizes heritage tours to various places of attractions.


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