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Siddnath Temple Omkareshwar

Introduction to Siddnath Temple Omkareshwar :

Of the many temples in Omkareshwar, a must visit is the Siddnath temple, a classic reflection of Brahminic architecture of the early medieval times. This along with many other temples and religious places make Omkareshwar a major attraction for devotees all over.

Description of Siddnath Temple :

Description of the Siddnath Temple cannot be complete without the mention of its most noticeable feature, the frescos of elephants. These are carved over a stone slab of more than 1.5 meters high at its outer borders. The roof of the temple and its upper portions are carved elaborately with artistic decorations. Various shaped columns of verandahs encircle the shrine of the Siddnath temple in Omkareshwar .

History of Siddnath Temple :

The Siddnath temple, Omkareshwar is an ancient temple built during the medieval times by the Brahmins.

How to reach Siddnath Temple :

The nearest airport to Omkareshwar Indore(77 km), is linked to all major cities. The nearest rail station is Omkareshwar Road, by the Western railways.There are road connections from Omkareshwar to Indore, Ujjain,Khandwa and Omkareshwar Road by regular bus services.

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