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Holy Places in Orchha

Orchha is a town situated in the district of Bundelkhand in Madhya Pradesh. The place, lying on the banks of River Betwa, is separated from Jhansi by a mere distance of 19 kilometers. The name ‘Orchha’, meaning ‘hidden’, is probably indicative of the numerous tourist attractions in Orchha that have remained veiled in the realm of the unknown history of the place. The most significant among these attractions are the holy places in Orchha.

Historically, Orchha has experienced a remarkable amount of Hindu influence that has been brought about by the generations of Bundela rulers (belonging to the Rajput clan), who ruled over the region from the 16th century A.D. actually it was one of these rulers by the name of Rudra Pratap Singh who founded the city of Orchha and hence became its first sovereign.

Orchha experienced a series of developments in the forthcoming centuries. In fact, Orchha was the most prosperous place in the whole of Bundelkhand. The time period marked the establishment of a number of holy places in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh (owing to the strong influence of the Hindu kings.

The holy places in Orchha, more specifically; the temples in Orchha are distinguished by some distinctive features. These include a huge podium of stone on which the main structure stands. A flight of steps lead to the interior of these temples. The interiors as well as the exteriors of the temples are exquisitely decorated and adorned with traditional symbols and emblems.

The interiors of some of these holy places in Orchha bear fine wall paintings that that cover up all the dimensions of the halls to their entirety. The paintings depict colorful murals on spiritual but secular themes that highlight the religious tolerance of their makers.

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