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Laxminarayan Temple Orchha

The Laxminarayan temple, one of the three most important temples in Orchha is an interesting tourist attraction of the place. It displays a perfect and unique mix of temple and fort architecture. Though the temple is dedicated to the Goddess Laxmi, there is no idol of the Goddess kept inside the temple. But there are some idols that you can find in the temple.

This temple has a unique charm that reflects through its interior murals and preaches spiritual lessons from the life incidents of Lord Krishna. The painting inside the temple is awe-striking beauty that seems to be painted art of yesterday. This temple of Orchha has religious importance and is counted as a center of attraction for history buffs and Hindu devotees.

Laxminarayan Temple features a flagstone path that links this temple to Ram Raja Temple. Another highlight of this temple is carvings on the central dome and ornately carved pillars on the corners. No wonder! It is one of the must-visit places in Orchha.

History of Laxminarayan Temple

The incredible history of the Laxminarayan Temple left its lively mark on the walls of the temple. People from the different corners of the world visit here to admire the art and turn over the pages of history by spending some time in the temple. Vir Singh Deo had built the beautiful Laxmi Narayan Temple around 1622 But due to inadequate maintenance, the condition of the temple soon worsened.

It was reconstructed by Prithvi Singh in 1793. This temple was dedicated to the Goddess of wealth, Laxmi, and within the inner chambers of the temple, Vir Singh made arrangements for offering sacrifices for Laxmi.

The structure of the Laxminarayan Temple represents a novel combination of fort and temple architecture. It was built with lime mortar and bricks and also has cannon slots on the roof. Its frescos are a blend of Mughal and Bundelkhand art. But the carvings on this inside portray the life of Lord Krishna. This temple is also home to popular post-mutiny paintings.

Architecture of Laxminarayan Temple

The Laxminarayan Temple in Orchha is built in an exceptional blend of temple and fort architecture, with the help of lime mortar and bricks. There are frescoes and paintings within the walls of the temple that are a blend of Mughal and Bundle forms of art. These frescos illustrate certain social and secular themes.

The vivacious colors of the frescoes are still retained. Within the Laxminarayan temple, the carvings are displayed in a geometrical pattern and there are scenes from the life of Lord Krishna, adorned with flowers and animals. This temple has a large stone platform that gives it extra elevation and appears like a large tower. The construction of the Laxminarayan temple was inaugurated by Raja Madhukar Shah and finished by his son Bir Singh Deo.

How to reach Laxminarayan Temple

Laxminarayan Temple is located in the Orchha town of Madhya Pradesh that can be reached by air, road, and train. However, the road and train are considered an ideal way to reach Orchha. You can reach Orchha from major cities of the country with all three modes. Let's look at the different ways to reach the Laxminarayan Temple of Orchha.

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Gwalior, which is around 130 km far away from the Orchha. After landing there, you can take a bus or taxi to reach the Laxminarayan Temple.
  • By Road: You can reach the Laxminarayan Temple from every corner of the town by car, cab or taxi. It is just 2 km away from the Orchha Fort.
  • By Train: Orchha has its railway station, but it is better to stop at Jhansi Railway Station because this station receives more major trains than Orchha railway station.


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